Dear Friends & Supporters,

It has been a very trying time for all of us in the ForWorld Thinking and Joining Hands Nepal families in the wake of the devastating earthquake and its aftershocks, the most recent of which just occurred today in the form of a 7.3 magnitude quake near Everest. I personally have spent a lot of time thinking about how to help, where to give, how to inform, and just what to do in the face of a horrifying and incredibly daunting crisis. I have had moments of feeling powerless and questioning what is my place and what is our place in all of this. Himal has been working tirelessly to speak with local government officials and relief workers to assess the situation around our district of Kavre and find out if and how we can best provide support to those affected closest to us. There is going to be a longterm rebuilding process for the country and everyone is going to be called upon to step up and do whatever they can to help. 

It is with that knowledge that we recognize it is time for us to act and not just inform and direct. Joining Hands Nepal is not the biggest organization and it does not have the biggest capacity, but it is our responsibility to do whatever we can to help them provide relief to victims still in need in Kavre and beyond. It is by the accepting of responsibility to act on behalf of those in need by all community organizations, groups, and individuals that this rebuild will not only be successful, but provide a path forward for the betterment and increased stability of Nepal. This is a great opportunity for the people of Nepal to feel empowered in the fight for their country's future, and we can help by supporting small organizations like Joining Hands Nepal to provide whatever aid and relief they can to their neighbors and friends. 

And so we announce Joining Hands Nepal's 'Relief for New Mothers' campaign to support new mothers and their children displaced by the earthquake. We have an initial goal of $2,000 to provide critical support for 31 women in the Khalchok village area of Kavre district. These mothers need special food, hygiene supplies, mattresses, blankets, clothing for their children, and mosquito nets for protection during the coming monsoon (See the image below for a situation report from the UN on the current needs of mothers and children after the quake). Joining Hands Nepal needs your support now more than ever to serve their community and country. Thank you. Please click the button below to donate.

*Update: We have raised $1,750 so far, $250 left to go!


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Every little thing counts in a time of crisis.
— Jawaharlal Nehru

UN Situation report on mothers & children

nutrition report