by Nisha Maria Gurung

It was the time of 2017 during Christmas, all the children’s favorite holiday. Everywhere there was white snow. Children were building the snow man. Elves were packing presents to the children, parents, everyone who was nice. All the people were singing Christmas songs happily and joyfully, sitting in front of the Christmas tree. 

But there was one naughty monkey named Maria. She was the naughtiest monkey in the jungle. All were sad and worried about her that she wouldn’t get any presents from Santa. Maria was never worried. She always did naughty things to other monkeys and her own family. 


When it was Christmas Eve, all the people, all the animals, and ever the non-living beings, were singing Christmas songs. But very naughty monkey Maria was not singing, even not dancing or enjoying Christmas. She was just looking at the sky, to see if Santa was coming or not. 

After a few seconds, Santa was coming saying "Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas to all my children!” Maria was happy, but she wasn’t enjoying it when Santa saw her not doing anything. Santa picked her up and told her, “you have been naughty this year. So you won’t get any presents from me.” 

“Sorry, Santa,” said Maria.

“This time I will give you a chance. But do not do these kinds of naughty things next year, otherwise you won’t get anything from me. Do you understand my little child?”

“Yes, Santa.”

“Then you might anything from my bag.”

“Sure, Santa.”

Maria began to search and search. At last, she found what she wanted the most, a ski-board! Santa was happy and left her in her own home, the jungle. She was also happy and went to show everyone her present. She said sorry to all and she also sang Christmas songs with her family and friends, then she slept.The next morning, everyone got presents, even the non-living beings, the people, and the animals. 

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